Saint Sylvester

21 Years

From California to Spokane

College Kid
Street Artist

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    "It’s not dead. It’s resting."

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    That is an ex-parrot.

    He has ceased to be.

    It’s pining for the fjords!


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    This was originally supposed to be a post about the boogeyman (top gif), but I stumbled upon more of Duane Michel’s sequence photography, and they took my breathe away. 

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    dear god, let it be enough

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    • Erik Lehnsherr: Remember the time you dared me to fire missiles at the humans?
    • Charles Xavier: No, I said "Erik, don't fire missiles at the humans," and you said, "Don't tell me what to do, Charles." And then you fired missiles at the humans.
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    Aladdin, 1992

    The opening scene with the street merchant was completely unscripted. Robin Williams was brought into the sound stage and was asked to stand behind a table that had several objects on it and a bed sheet covering them all. The animators asked him to lift the sheet, and without looking take an object from the table and describe it in character. Much of the material in that recording session was not appropriate for a Disney film. 

    "Combination hookah and coffee maker, also makes julienne fries!  It will not break! It will not- …. it broke."

    that line used to just kill me as a kid and now it’s better because it was unscripted and he probably broke the prop

    If you dont love Robin Williams you are wrong

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    This right here. This is my desired aesthetic.

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    when straight girls take pictures of themselves kissing their female friend on the cheek and caption it “lol we’re such lesbos/dykes/lezzas” or some other lesbophobic slur 


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    All dressed up with nowhere to go

    Stop reblogging your own selfies ;)

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